Principles of Design

    Balance: This image has symmetrical balance because it contains objects of the same weight and size on each side.  One side of the woman in the picture is mirrored on the other side.  This picture is also an example of contrast.

         Proportion:  This image, the Perfect Man by Da Vinci, is the most widely known sketch that represents proportion.  The man’s limbs are perfectly proportioned to his body.

      Rhythm:  The grid in this picture shows rhythm because it creates order through the blocks formed by the black lines.  Also, the lines draw the eyes to move linearly through the painting.

       Emphasis:  Aoi Kioku is an example of emphasis in a piece of art.  The white stripe down the middle stands out among the commotion of blue in the background.  This emphasis is aided by another principle, contrast.

     Unity:   This image of several members of an orchestra shows unity because all of the players connect into each other, creating coherence and harmony.  The consistent shape of the players creates a pattern, and the color is the same throughout, which are important attributes of unity.

      Contrast:  This picture displays contrast because of the way the dark colors make the off white stripe stand out.  The colors separate from each other which creates emphasis on the white strip.

     Pattern:   This image is an example of pattern because the red bunny is a repetitive theme throughout the piece of art.  This picture could also be an example of rhythm.

     Variety:   This painting is an example of variety because of all that is going on in the picture.  The different colors create a frenzied image.  Variety can be the opposite of unity, and this picture displays that.


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